L. Nia Knowles

Real Estate Broker in Atlanta, Georgia

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Atlanta Real Estate Brokers, Eco Brokers and Community Advocates.
Area West Realty works to aid in the revitalization of Historic communities. Our agents not only work intown- we live and serve here! Neighborhood stabilization, Economic Development and Responsible Investing are areas we specialize in.
Neighborhood Stabilization: Area West Realty actively recruits buyers with a vision- those that respect and admire Historic communities, their homes -architecture and quirks. We seek buyers that understand there is a unique fabric of culture, history and pride within our communities- home owners willing to roll up sleeves and work together with us in the redevelopment of our neighborhoods, bringing bold new ideas and respecting those currently being implemented.

Economic Development: Area West Realty serves within communities that have a large "small business" hub and neighbors with entrepreneurial spirits. Rebuilding our commercial corridor is important to us. Neighborhood stabilization can not sustain and occur without strong business establishments meeting the needs of our residents. Ask us about our Merchant Coalition and Comprehensive Development Plans.

Responsible Investing: Area West Realty works closely with investors to select and restore inventory suitable for resale to owner occupants or to hold for future resale. We work with responsible investors willing to account for their tenant and ensure their tenants are productive citizens within our community; not contributing to blight. Services include: Tenant placement and a partnership with a full service Property Management firm.